Certain DJs Such As Gabriel Tileff Will Be Underground Forever

Gabriel Tileff is a deep house as well as a techno expert and it must be said that he will never take his eyes from off the prize. Gabriel’s stage name is Gabriel Blu. He was born in Bulgaria however he didn’t grow up there. In fact, he lived his early years in Wisconsin and later moved to Las Vegas. When we asked him how long he’d been DJing for he said since he was 16 years old. After a solid year learning the ropes of deejaying, he later got into the production side of the art.  Gabriel prides himself of his DJ equipment and so he always likes to di his own mastering and mixing as well. Even though both tasks are quite laborious, and time consuming Gabriel is not afraid to get his hands dirty. In fact, he like to mentor his DJ friends because he also says he gets a lot out of it, and learns something new each and every time. Therefore being a win win situation.


Although it’s most common for DJs to hold down a regular day job in order to pay the bills, in Gabriel’s case, he loves to be on the road most of the time, djing in L.A., Chicago and Miami a lot of the time. As well as the revenue he gets from touring America, he is also very entrepreneurial and has a new venture called Diamond Blu Records Ltd,. This awesome new label not only puts out his own songs but also those of his contemporaries as well, making it the hippest new label on the block by a long way.


And the buck doesn’t stop there, DJ Blu is a self-confessed workaholic whose schedule would drive anyone else mad or into an early grave through exhaustion – But not this man, no way. This is the drive you need to be the best DJ on the block and to always enjoy what you do is the key to being able spin any record on any beginner dj buying equipment.

Now, back on topic, we’d like to talk a little about why he prefers to be underground and to never sell his soul to mainstream cheesy DJ’s and cheesy rappers. Well, it’s all about being true to the art form itself, and enjoying what you do as opposed to looking at the glass half empty or to look for making money only.